28 October 2020: Heart to Computer

Set 1

“Worms vs Birds” by Modest Mouse

I’ve seen this song called “Worms vs Birds” as well as “Birds vs Worms”. It seems that the physical release refers to it as the former and digital releases as the latter.

“Death Car” by Wheat

I really want to know what he’s saying in this song, but I can’t find official (or even unofficial) lyrics anywhere. Maybe I could email the band? I don’t think they’re too busy these days.

“Tibetan Pop Stars” by Hop Along

“I Saw Water” by Tigers Jaw

“Why Did Ever We Meet” by the Promise Ring

Probably one of my favorite songs of all time, to be honest, and from one of my favorite albums. I’m not sure what it is, something just clicks with it.

“All Your Kayfabe Friends” by Los Campesinos!

“Kayfabe” is, apparently, a pro wrestling term for the fake relationships depicted on stage. I guess the titular friends are fake.

Set 2

“Knife” by Grizzly Bear

“Wasted Days” by Cloud Nothings

“Ten Minutes” by the Get Up Kids

I know nine minutes was still too far, sorry Matt Pryor!

“Prom Hell” by Dogleg

“Get Away” by Yuck

Set 3

“I Feel Exhausted” by Everyone Everywhere

I clarified in last week’s show notes, but the tweet they made that came off as obnoxious to me was, in fact, ironic; after listening to some interviews with them, I’ve found they’ve spoken positively about a number of bands on the list they spoke of. I may now listen easy.

“Bliss” by Muse

Muse can be corny as hell, but they have some fucking jams.

“The City” by the Dismemberment Plan

Emergency and I is a total masterpiece. If you haven’t heard it, do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

“Townie” by Mitski

“Oblivion” by Grimes

Earlier I read an article with some updates on Grimes and her baby, and it’s—interesting.

Set 4

“Night-Blooming Cereus” by Protomartyr

If I recall correctly, this song was written about the punk scene in Detroit and how the spirit of it comes out in the shows at night.

“Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

“Rearrange Beds” by An Horse

“The Answer” by Bloc Pary

“Remember Me” by British Sea Power

Supposedly this song is about Alzheimer’s or dementia. I guess that makes sense based on the lyrics about forgetting yourself. BSP are known for their strange lyrical subjects, too. It could also be less literal and more of a figurative forgetting, as in not thinking about the past.

“I’ll Believe in Anything” by Wolf Parade


I closed out today with a bit of a heart-to-heart, or I guess a heart-to-computer, about Election Day coming up. It was a bit rambling, so I’m not going to sum it up, but please vote. The most consequential thing is that, depending on how the election goes, I may decide to do a show dedicated to stuff I liked as a tween, since I may not feel like making a playlist. We’ll see what the next week brings.