7 October 2020: Weird Times, but Welcome Back

Set 1

“Pink Moon” by Nick Drake

It’s autumn now, and Nick Drake made some of the best autumnal music.

“The Greys” by Frightened Rabbit

If you listened last semester you’ve probably heard a lot of Frightened Rabbit. This is the first track from their debut, Sing the Greys, and in a lot of ways it launches the themes of Scott Hutchison’s whole career. It’s also just a lyrically great song: that opening line–“what’s the blues when you’ve got the greys”–is top-tier.

“Roseability” by Idlewild

I’ve been really into these guys lately. This is one of their bigger songs from their most consistent album, 100 Broken Windows. You’ll probably hear a lot more from them on this show.

“Alphabet” by Shame

This is the first single from their upcoming album, and I’m fucking stoked. This might be my favorite song of theirs yet.

“Jack of All Trades” by Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music snuck up on me and ended up being one of my most listened to bands this summer. I figured I’d include something by them here, it just felt right.

“Reindeer Games” by Oso Oso

Vulture named this one of the 100 best emo songs of all time. The whole album I’d say is pretty damn solid.

“Little Thoughts” by Bloc Party

Originally a non-album single, this was later released as an EP in Japan and then was included on the American version of Silent Alarm, which is pretty much the definitive version of the album. Silent Alarm is just so great front-to-back, and it’s quite sad that BP have fallen so far. Still, we have this.

Set 2

“Chosen One” by Smog

Probably the best-known song from Bill Callahan’s very lo-fi early Smog years. Also my most played Smog song on Last.fm.

“Lost (Season One)” by Camp Cope

I first heard these girls a few months ago and I liked it right away. Apparently they’re a little polarizing, which was unexpected to me. The only thing I don’t like is that the lead singer is a hardcore 9/11 truther, and they made a song about it that’s actually pretty good. This is one of their most lyrically clever ones and one of their best.

“Time to Pretend” by MGMT

I just felt like hearing this while I was broadcasting. Any of the big songs from Oracular Spectacular are nostalgic.

“Monster Man” by Soul Coughing

Soul Coughing have a very hard-to-describe sound. Kind of a mix of jazz and alternative. The closest comparison is Cake, but there’s much more groove and a bit of a hip-hop twist with SC. Unfortunately they had an acrimonious break-up after this album (their third) and will probably never get back together.

“Apply Some Pressure” by Maximo Park

A Certain Trigger was produced by Paul Epworth and came out in 2005, so you know what’s up. Maximo Park are another band from the mid-2000s who haven’t been able to live up to their excellent debuts. This is probably their most well-known song.

“Pedestal” by Bombay Bicycle Club

BBC have a very interesting history. When this song came out they were only about 17 and already had a record deal.


“Empire State” by ¡All-Time Quarterback!

¡All-Time Quarterback! was a solo project Ben Gibbard (from Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service) did in the late 90s to around 2001. He didn’t release much, but you can find it all on Apple Music.