3 March 2020: Super Tuesday Special

Set 1

“Bloodstream” by Soccer Mommy

From the album that came out this past friday (28 February).

“Someday I Will Treat You Good” by Sparklehorse

I never really got that into Sparkehorse because a lot of their stuff is a bit too country for me, but I do like this song.

“Electioneering” by Radiohead

A special choice for Super Tuesday. From OK Computer, their best album, in my opinion.

“Me & You Together Song” by the 1975

I’ve said how I feel about the 1975 before. Their upcoming album Notes on a Conditional Form, which this is a single from, is really looking like their best yet. All of the singles so far have been of a different style, and all have been great. It’s supposed to be 22 tracks long, so it might not actually be a classic, but I’m hoping that ends up being wrong. Also, this one’s got a great music video.

Set 2

“Viking Hair” by Dry Cleaning

I played Dry Cleaning last week, and here they are again. This one’s from their second and most recent EP, Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks.

“Little House of Savages” by the Walkmen

I’ve played a lot of Walkmen, but you know what? They’re great. They actually performed this song on The OC, which could have given them a wider audience. Guess it didn’t, though.

“Lazy Soldier” by Love As Laughter

I didn’t know who Love As Laughter were until they opened for Built to Spill, which is weird, because they’re connected to a lot of the Pacific Northwest bands I like, like Modest Mouse, and they were also featured on The OC.

“Straight In at 101” by Los Campesinos!

Has some of LC’s most clever lyrics, like the one about post-rock. You might have to be a music nerd to get that one though.

“Lucky Denver Mint” by Jimmy Eat World

The song that put JEW on the map. Jim Adkins wrote it after losing a bunch of money in Las Vegas.

“Mr. November” by the National

Another Super Tuesday pick. It was inspired by John Kerry’s campaign and the thought procces Matt Berninger imagined would be behind a political candidate. Funnily enough, when they endorsed Obama in 2008 they played it at some shows in support of him, and made some t-shirts with his face that said “Mr. November”. Hopefully whoever wins the Democratic nomination won’t fuck us over either. (coughBerniecough)


“The Closing Door” by LVL UP

Sadly I only discovered LVL UP when their farewell single, “Orchard,” came out. This song’s from their final album, Return to Love.